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Unique garments to treasure                                           
Once upon a time                              

Grazia'LLiani garments are made exclusively by local firms in Bologna (Italy) with the finest Italian fabrics. Each design is skilfully crafted and lovely to touch.

Just like a modern-day alchemist, our designer, Grazia Giuliani creates the colours of our garments in her small lab, mixing the pigments until she gets exactly the right shade.
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Ethical is beautiful!                                
100% Crafted in Italy                                
We only use Italian materials. Our dyes do not contain any harmful substances and are not tested on animals. We take as much care of the environment as we do of our customers, while respecting the rights of the people we work with. So, we create beauty in many different ways!

Every Grazia'LLiani garment is made with the tightest quality control: from choosing and dyeing the fabrics, designing the clothes, making them and adding the finishing touches.