Italian Designer Beachwear & Nightwear

About Grazia'Lliani

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Unique garments to treasure for years
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When you buy Grazia'Lliani, you buy a locally crafted garment, made with the finest Italian fabrics and designs....lovely to touch and really comfortable to wear.
Like a modern-day alchemist, Grazia Giuliani prepares the colours herself in a small lab, mixing the pigments in a pan to get exactly the right shade for her designs.
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We only use Italian materials and dyes. The dyes are not tested on animals and do not contain any harmful substances. Our values are safeguarding the environment and health of our customers. This is another way in which we create beauty.

Grazia’Lliani comes with quality control assurance. Our quality control is very strict in each stage of the production process, from the design and right through to the end product.

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Our strengths                                   

.. do you kow who is she?  Of course!   Women and filmakers love Grazia'LLiani style, and several smart celebrities  choose our garments.

The strength of Grazia’s designs comes from her ability to excentuate the natural elegance and grace of the female form all while providing her with a sensual yet sophisticated image